Reduce slipping with Ice Steady grip soles

Vibram MultiControl Tech Alaska anti-slip soles to prevent slipping Vibram MultiControl Tech Boulder anti-slip soles to prevent slipping

Don't let winter get you down – stand up and be ready with new Vibram® MultiControl Tech soles.

Every winter we are caught off-guard by the arrival of fierce cold weather conditions, and many people find themselves trapped in their own homes, fearful of stepping out just in case they should slip and fall.

Vibram®, the world leader in high performance rubber, have stepped up the battle against the elements with their MultiControl Tech rubber soles. With these new soles on your shoes, the chance of slipping is reduced and your grip is improved – keeping you ice steady!

Easily fitted to any footwear

Vibram® MultiControl Tech can be added to any shoes or boots, new or old, replacing the existing soles to give you enhanced grip. Simply take them to your local Vibram® approved shoe repairer.

Please note that even with Ice Steady soles, care must still be taken when walking on ice!

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